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Art by Heather Lynne is a modern calligraphy  and hand lettering design studio based in Roanoke, Virginia.

I’m Heather, the founder and artist behind Art by Heather Lynne. I started lettering when my oldest son was one. We had recently moved to Virginia and I was staying home with my baby so I wanted to use my creative talents and have something of my own. Since then, lots of practice and a few passion projects have grown this business into what it is today.

Art by Heather Lynne
Art by Heather Lynne Messy Bun

As a mom of four kids, my days are a balancing act between creating art, wiping sticky faces, and snuggling with my babies. Momming is both beautiful and hard. Without taking time both to laugh and to pray (and drink lots of coffee), I really couldn’t do it.

I create art so that you and I can laugh and find encouragement together because life is best lived in community.

As a former child mental health therapist, I am passionate about empowering both children and other moms. After intensely studying hand lettering, I combined this passion with  lettering and Art by Heather Lynne was born.

When I was a child, our house was full of quotes written on notecards and taped to mirrors and windows. The walls in my bedroom were covered in verses and lyrics colorfully hand written. Years later, as a hand lettering artist, I can now fill your house with meaningful or humorous prints and lifestyle items that brighten your day (and look much classier than my cluttered walls did as a teenager).

Want some of this artsy goodness in your life? Head to the shop and beautify your home with hand lettered words that will refresh your soul.

Already have something in mind? No problem. I have done custom work ranging from hand lettered wedding items to household paintings and prints. A custom piece gives you the opportunity to get exactly what you want.