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The Top 5 Hand Lettering Artists that you need to follow

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How many of these incredible people do you know? I’m going to share the top leaders in hand lettering that really changed my life for the better. 

And by the end of the article, you will discover the versatility of lettering and the many different ways you can use it to make the world a more beautiful place.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Amanda Arneill

When I first started brush calligraphy I almost gave up. It’s so hard to figure out how to use that brush pen! But then I came across Amanda Arneill and that changed everything. Previously a school teacher, Amanda combined her skills and has created tons of lettering courses, from beginner to expert. My lettering improved significantly after taking just one of her courses. She’s quirky, kind, and so encouraging! Her style of mixed lettering is the most flawless version of that style that I have ever seen.

You can learn more about Amanda here.

Martina Flor

If you are here because you are looking to learn more about hand lettering rather than calligraphy, then Martina Flor is your girl! Martina has both authored books and created online courses packed with information about how to create beautiful decorative letters and flattering layouts. It’s her understanding of graphic design, typography, and illustration that makes her work stand out from the rest. Whether you are just starting out learning to letter or you are ready to free lance, this is an artist you don’t want to miss following.

You can learn more about Martina here

Stefan Kunz

I came across Stefan Kunz’ work when I was first starting out. His ability to put together so many lettering styles into one beautiful piece is unmatched. That’s what initially attracted me to his work. But I also stay around for his message. He challenges artists to just keep creating, “even if it sucks.” Life can get busy, we can all get stuck with creative block, but Stefan reminds us that we have to keep exercising our creative muscles

In order to help other creatives, Stefan has designed digital tools to use while creating lettering layouts and building out letter forms. He also teaches online courses both individually and with Amanda Arneill.

You can learn more about Stefan here.

Hom Sweet Hom

As an artist who has always loved bright colors, finding Lauren Hom of Hom Sweet Hom was exactly what I needed to spark my creativity beyond black brush pens. Lauren is known for her bright color palette and 3-D lettering. She has mastered the art of using passion projects to fuel her career and even teaches an online course so that other artists can build a career they love too. After taking Lauren’s course, Passion to Paid, I launched my first passion project, Bye Racial Reactions. The result of this was that I got more freelance jobs centering around my own passions and that I taught my very first lettering workshops. Lauren’s amazing lettering work combined with her love for empowering other creatives makes her a must-follow artist!

You can learn more about Lauren here.

Chalked by Mabz

I came across Mabz of Chalked by Mabz after I had started doing more wedding lettering. From painting custom jackets to creating wedding signs to doing large scale windows for businesses in Ottawa, it seems there’s no limit to Mabz’ ability to beautify whatever she touches. Always keeping it real, she speaks boldly about her worth as an artist and wants other artists to do the same. Whether you want to get involved in the wedding industry or do commercial lettering, following Mabz will be worth your while.

You can learn more about Mabz here.


As you can see from these influential artists, you can learn lettering and build it into something that truly fits who you are. Whether you want to be a brush pen calligrapher, sign painter, or combine other skills with your love of lettering to make something totally unique, learning lettering will open a world of possibilities to you.

Comment below and tell me what lettering topic or problem you are most interested in learning more about so that you can start making lettering fit your unique self!

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